The Teacher Leader Academy recognizes that while good-to-great teachers are skilled in curriculum and instructional methods, many desire to strengthen their skills in strategic problem-solving, advocacy, education policy, utilization of technology and data, and collaboration with community stakeholders.

The Teacher Leader Academy enriches the teaching experience through expanded impact and influence, greater levels of collaboration and engagement, and renewed commitment to the profession. This model enables teacher leaders to collaboratively analyze and solve problems within and across school districts in order to become effective change-agents.

The program culminates with a capstone project in which participants work collaboratively to identify and solve site-based problems of practice. Executive Leadership and Teacher Leader alumni serve as mentors who are integral in guiding participants throughout the capstone process. Mentors assist the participants in identifying resources, developing solutions, and promoting advocacy.

Teacher Leader Academy Faculty

Rick Hess
Rick HessSenior Founding Fellow
Director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute
Dr. Liz City
Dr. Liz City Founding Fellow
Director of Education Leadership Program at Harvard Graduate School of Education
Dr. Marguerite Roza
Dr. Marguerite RozaFounding Fellow
Director of Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University
Dr. Karen Mapp
Dr. Karen MappFaculty Member
Faculty Director of Education Policy and Management Master’s Program at Harvard University
Maddie Fennell
Maddie FennellFaculty Member
Executive Director of the Nebraska State Education Association
Alex Kajitani
Alex KajitaniFaculty Member
Former California State Teacher of the Year