The Leadership Institute of Nevada believes education leaders must learn new ways to think about school needs and how to design responsive solutions. The Institute provides, through a consortium of initiatives, professional development centered on dynamic problem solving, aligned to current issues, and powered by sustainable professional networks for education leaders. Alumni become part of a greater community of leaders ready to solve education’s most complex problems that are both unique to their schools and systemic across Nevada.

Our Core Programs

Regional Leadership Summits and Roundtables

Executive Leadership Academy

Teacher Leader Academy

Alumni Engagement Network

Digital Leadership Institute

Healthy Minds =  Healthy Schools SEL Series

Program Goals

Each of our programs reflects the following:

  • To expose Nevada’s education leaders to new ideas and ways of thinking
  • To shift mindsets around problem solving for adaptive educational challenges
  • To effectively convene stakeholders from throughout the Nevada landscape, bringing in nationally recognized leaders and respected local leaders
  • To treat school leaders and teacher leaders with respect, trust, and professionalism
  • To respond to changes in the education landscape with agility