We are pleased to share with you some exciting news! As many of you may know, over the past 30 years, The Public Education Foundation (PEF) has provided added value and service to our community in two distinct ways:

  • Direct services to educators, students, and families through initiatives such as:

    • Teacher Exchange®Scholarship Plus Programs
    • Community and Family Engagement
  • Talent development and capacity building through:

    • The Leadership Institute of Nevada
    • Leadership Summits
    • Executive Leadership Academy
    • Teacher Leader Academy
    • Digital Leadership Institute
    • Alumni Engagement Network
  • Consulting Services

In early May, in response to a Post-COVID assessment, The Public Education Foundation decided that, to best meet the immediate needs of the Clark County School District (CCSD) and the evolving needs of CCSD and the State, the Foundation would be restructured.

Through this redesign, The PEF is working more closely with the superintendent in support of the District’s initiatives and new community partnerships. The Leadership Institute of Nevada, as an independent nonprofit, will strengthen and renew its focus on the development of leaders across our state and nation.

The Leadership Institute of Nevada’s vision statement best describes our commitment, “To cultivate communities of innovative, insightful, and principled leaders who champion ideas that change the world.”

Please watch for alumni communication. Ramona Esparza, retired principal from Valley High School, has joined our team and will be working to build a stronger alumni organization.

We believe we are stronger together and, together, we must dig deeper to solve the complex challenges facing public education.