Alumni Spotlight

Ann Marie Dickson

Ann Marie Dickson was a member of Cohort 8, she is currently serving as the Deputy Superintendent for Student Achievement at the Nevada Department of Education. In this role, she oversees several offices, including Standards and Instructional Support, Assessment, Data and Accountability Management, Inclusive Education, Early Learning and Development, and Student and School Supports. She is committed to advancing educational opportunities for all students across the State of Nevada and is honored to serve on various leadership teams and committees both within and outside the Department of Education.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Deputy Superintendent Dickson’s journey in education began within the Washoe County School District. During her tenure there, she held multiple key positions, including Area Superintendent, Director of Programming for Special Education, Turnaround Principal, Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students, Instructional Coach, teacher, and Accounting Clerk. This diverse range of experiences has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape and the multifaceted challenges faced by students and educators alike.

Deputy Superintendent Dickson’s formal educational background reflects her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary and Special Education, a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Master’s Degree in Administration.

Throughout her career, Deputy Superintendent Dickson has been an unwavering advocate and leader in supporting educators to ensure students excel both academically and socially. She has had the privilege of collaborating with stakeholders to drive effective practices from early childhood programming through graduation. Her extensive knowledge of the school improvement framework allows her to prioritize essential aspects such as access to grade-level standards, differentiated instruction tailored to individual student needs, and the identification of tools required for success at various educational levels. Deputy Superintendent Dickson’s passion for education and her profound desire to empower students and communities are at the core of her unwavering dedication to her role as Deputy Superintendent for Student Achievement. She believes that by providing students with academic and social-emotional support, they can overcome any barrier and achieve their dreams as they transition to adulthood. In this work, her goal is to pave the way for an inclusive, equitable, and successful educational journey for all individuals, ensuring brighter futures for generations to come.

A resident of the State of Nevada for over four decades, Deputy Superintendent Dickson’s passion for education is deeply personal and rooted in her own life experiences. She is the daughter of a Hispanic man who endured poverty and faced the challenges of being an English Learner upon starting school in California. Deputy Dickson herself struggled in school and dropped out during her freshman year of high school. However, she later rediscovered her path and graduated from a non-comprehensive high school. These formative experiences have strengthened her belief in the transformative power of education that caters to the diverse needs of all learners, and awakening the inherent passion we all share in lifelong learning and growth.

Beyond her professional achievements, Deputy Superintendent Dickson finds immense joy in her personal life. She is happily married to a fellow educator, whose commitment and passion to the field are shared by them both. Together, they have two children who graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno.